Balochistan’s support against Pakistan:-Diplomacy without Delegation


Balochistan is a part of land in south-western Pakistan; this region is rich in natural sources like natural gas, coal, and fluoride & gold.

Since, Independence of India & separation of Pakistan, Baloch are fighting for their Rights and demanding a free nation but Pakistan and its army doesn’t want so.

This led to many fought such as 1948, 1958-59, 1962-63 and 1973-77 with an ongoing and stronger insurgency beginning in 2003.

Balochistan is  now a topic of discussion worldwide because of Indian PM Narendra Modi.The Baloch fighters want support from India against Pakistan and PM also raised their issues of human rights violation and cruelty by Pakistani army and the good will of PM push the Pakistan on back foot and made it an international issue.

This statement on 15th august was a diplomatic part of India’s strategy against Pakistan & his interference in Kashmir, as we know the situation in Kashmir is very critical and violence is continuously going on since the encounter of terrorist Vurhan wani by Indian Army.

Pakistan is in a great shock with this step of Indian government and there is no answer within him for international community.

Baloch people welcomed and Pakistani government opposes the statement but nevertheless it attracts the intension at international level.

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