Terrorism & Islam

I am facing a sentence continuously since my birth or i can say when i started to understand the news,the sentence is “terror has no religion” is it true? Mine answer is NO,as i remembered it was 11 September 2001 when i first listened about a big terrorist attack in America,this attack was on world’s largest/tallest building & on the most developed nation,the building was world Trade Center & the nation was United States of America,Another attack was in India i remember It was the day of October 1st in 2001 when Islamic terrorists on the J & K Legislative Assembly.The journey of Terror & terrorist still continuous but now the Islamic countries such as Syria,Iran,Pakistan & many more are the hub or we can see as the factories of terrorists.These above mentioned attacks are the only symbolic explanation many such attacks took place in last ten years,India is one of the major affected country with this virus but there is no tough action taken till date,Many countries if it is America,France,Britain,Israel,Saudi Arabia or we can say any country in the world is not left behind it,there is less or more each and every country & religion is affected from this virus which is getting dangerous day by day,it’s name may be differ but it’s resultant & Aim is to destroy the humanity,if we the citizens & govt.’s will not think about it seriously,then the day is no longer when they will ruin the entire humanity.The time is to confess that terror has a Religion named as Islam. Yesterday i seen an article on social media as i was busy so i didn’t study it completely so when i got today’s newspaper the DHAKA ATTACKS were on the front page & the full story was about QURAN & ISLAM,the full story/news was like this”IS attack in Bangladesh’s capital city ,many killed”.I was surprised to know that in this “MANY” there were Hindu & foreigners now the doubt is clear that terrorism has a religion & The religion is Islam.J&K is facing a very tragic situation,people are in deep deep trouble since our independence & the reasons behind these situations are Politics & Terrorism.Pakistan & Islam are the other factors too but i can surely say that the religion of terror & terrorist till date since my observation is Islam.I don’t know am i right or wrong but i am assure to say so.







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